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Helping Hand

We provide more than food. Riverview Farms is well known for innovative dishes made from the freshest ingredients.

You may have the same reputation and wish to prepare all or some of the dishes for your next event. Many of our clients appreciate that we are happy to support them when in need of a helping hand to serve food, prepare a special side dish, or simply set the stage for the event.


We manage the event as if it were at our home. There are many fine caterers that you can call upon to help you host your party. Riverview Farms differentiates itself by being a co-host. 

We follow 3 principles to make certain everyone has a wonderful time with little stress:

- Serve wine responsibly.

- Ensure a clean and comfortable environment for you guests.

- Serve coffee in a timely manner. 

Event Planning

We know how to make it happen. We know who has the best linens, competitive prices for rentals and those little known special venues. 

We tap into that knowledge and experience to plan each step of the event. We follow a proven step-by-step process to ensure that nothing is forgotten. 

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